Fall for Colors

Its been a minute guys since I last updated my blog. My apologies. I’ve been very busy working on revamping the face of my blog and doing general fashion overhauls and updates in my closet. As the saying goes, in with the new and out with the old.

I’ve been really considering doing a sort of ” wardrobe sale” that would feature many beautiful Cannonball fashion clothing and accessories as well as other high fashion name brand items as well. I truly believe that creating free space in my heavily weighed down closet will allow for a fresh inflow of creative ideas and even more fabulous fashion that would make perfect sense in this newly created space.

Choosing to surround myself with beautiful clothing is really more an art form than anything else. The vibrant colors hanging from the massive racks in my bedroom  create a canvas on which I can draw much creative inspiration from. It enables me conjure elaborate images in my mind of the vast and endless possibilities of mixes and matches of clothes, shoes and bags that would boggle the mind; all of which are intended not just for my personal wear, but for shows, outings, and a new discovery of mine; fashion savvy rentals to people in show business and Live theatrical performances.

The pleasures and satisfaction of creating beautiful clothing far outweigh the costs implications and hardwork it all entails, as there is no greater feeling than knowing your creations are loved and appreciated by many; and this, my friends, is what I am most grateful to God Almighty for.




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