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Summer Trends


Do you ever feel the pressure to keep up with summer trends by wearing what the supposed Jone’es are sporting?

I have never felt the need to keep up with fashion trends but have always blazed my own trail along the fashion pathway; with the hope that I make, at the very least a subtle fashion statement and never a fashion faux pas.

It’s definitely a very interesting prospect to look for unique pieces to mix and match in order to make your very own distinct look and that is what I find to be the most interesting part of dressing myself and being a stylist to my clients. There’s nary a boring day in doing what I so love to do, and I appreciate it more as each day goes by.

Having said that, there’s one trend that has come back full circle which I really like and plan on making a trial run of a few variations within the next few days; and that is the off shoulder or drop shoulder blouse. It’s incredibly simple to make, looks great on most people and fits right into my classic cut apparel ideology.

Do you follow fashion trends? What style did you rock or appreciate the most this Summer. Please respond with pictures if possible. I would really love to see how you tweaked popular fashion by maybe giving it your own unique spin or wearing it in its classic form as you may have preferred to do.

In this picture I’m wearing a very simple peplum blouse and pencil skirt which I whipped up over the weekend. I was drawn in by the rough woollen texture of this lace-like fabric which I purchased from a local fabric store in Mid town Toronto. What do you think? Too colorful? Please let me know your thoughts.




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