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Runway Tales

After a very hectic fun packed week of fashion show prepping and model fittings, for the AFWT,  I welcome the chance to  get some R and R doing my basic status quo activities once again. During the events of this week, I learned a few valuable lessons.

It’s a completely different world of  fast paced activities as make-up artists, models and stylist work together in a cohesive structure albeit somewhat frantic in order to meet Runway time lines. I for one, found this semi- chaos of sorts completely exhilarating as my bright eyed fashion designer assistant and I tried to decipher which Cannonball outfit went with which shoes and jewelry. The whole atmosphere was so charged with excitement at the events to follow that no one seemed to notice or mind the scantily clad gorgeous models trying on their outfits for the runway. I, for one learned very quickly how to avert my eyes at the drop of a hat.. because I’m still not quite used to seeing so many beautiful people in the nude  in real life all around me, especially when some of the models of the opposite sex were sharing the same space and some were staring unabashedly at some.

But like one beautiful model assured me as I involuntarily stared wide eyed at her as she unzipped her dress letting it drop to the ground to reveal nothing underneath: “it all comes with the territory” and “they should all be used to this by now” .. My reaction? Ehmmm.,  of course, it’s all part and parcel of the backstage activities before the catwalk on the Runway.

But for some reason, I couldn’t help but feel I still had a lot to learn in this business. Phew!!!

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