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    2017 CannonballDiva Lookbook
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Fashion District

I had a blast walking down the busy streets of downtown Toronto wearing a long Cannonball Skirt and mixed print blouse. I seemed to be a little bit overdressed as I walked through these streets,  as I  had come straight there from a Church service.

As I walked along the streets after a very successful fitting of the models for the upcoming African Fashion Week, I was approached by a photographer of  a “Street Style” fashion who asked me if I wouldn’t mind taking a few pictures because he loved what I was wearing.  I told him I didn’t mind at all, especially since I had seen such pictures in previous magazine articles and always appreciated seeing fashion from different cultures and geographical locations in the world.

So, as I posed for the pictures, I was acutely aware of the interested stares and glances we received from some pedestrians; some people yelled out a comment or appraisal of some sort, most of them compliments.. It was a very beautiful sunny day and everything seemed well with the world and I was glad I agreed to take the pictures.

The photographer, who had a tripod and a very powerful looking Cannon 3 digital camera , gave me his business card and invited me to look up the pictures of other street fashion articles on his Instagram page.

It’s ironic that when I was much younger, I had hoped something like this would happen,  where I would be discovered on the streets of Canada and catapulted to world wide fame, lol.. It never happened as you are all aware, so

image5 image4 image3 image2


I guess this would have to do for now.



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