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    2017 CannonballDiva Lookbook
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    Green in the Fall

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I decided to unveil my purple cast after many different poses to conceal its presence. I decided to chuck the idea for now,’cos it is what it is after all. I think that you can still look somewhat stylish with unfortunate unintended additions like these.

I fell down my stairs a few months back, watching one of my favourite fashion bloggers  as I went down my stair case.  I really believed I had mastered the terrain. Was I ever wrong. I broke my Ulna in two after sustaining a rather nasty tumble down my staircase much to my chagrin and the astonishment of my entire household. It’s been interesting  taking all the pictures with my cast concealing poses. I haven’t minded a bit though because it was nothing short of a novelty trying to see which pose would do the trick each week. In the end, as you may have noticed, only one pose worked. The arm behind back stance.

Anyway folks,  thank you for your kind comments thus far and for the ones that may follow.

In this picture, I’m  wearing a simple flowered dress from our 2015 S/S collection. I believe it’s still fashionable today.





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