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    Green in the Fall

Styling in my TWA

I decided to style my TWA (teeny weeny Afro), by wearing a very eclectic skirt suit from my 2014 collection. Its flowered detailing lends a unique approach to this outfit and it’s very appropriate for this Spring/ Summer season.

I decided to throw in the black elbow length gloves as a final touch to give the outfit more pizazz or vavavoom if you please.

image17 image16 image18 image21 image20 image19

The main reason for this decision was based on my attempt to cover my arm cast which was a result of fracturing my left ulna 4 weeks ago.

Well,what’s to say we can’t make the most of a bad situation? ┬áThe black gloves conceal my cast completely and is a very welcome and pleasing addition to this piece.




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